Are you struggling to earn enough money with your talents and expertise?

Not really having the career you dreamed of? 

Feeling like you're just stuck? 

Want to start over?

You can!

And you’re not alone…

Just being the most talented and knowledgeable is often not enough to "make it" in any profession these days, let alone an artistic one. But why wait to get "discovered" so we can "make it" when we can already "make it" all by ourselves? It is all just a matter of opening our minds to the abundance of possibility and acquiring the extra skills to take the action needed to do more of what we authentically want to do! You can start realizing the many possibilities and a lot more with the The Lucrative Artist, Movement I: Empowerment from Within. 


Pull back the curtain on your opportunities to earn more!

Not yet sure what you're really meant to do?

Or at the very least, are you not totally sure what you can do to make a living for yourself that you actually want without having to be at the mercy of bosses, search committees, audition panelists, bureaucrats and others? 

Again, you're not alone! 

We're taught to perfect our craft and to just learn as much related information as possible and then to just eventually expect to get a job. We don't always get to learn how we can synthesize all of our expertise and experience into creating new opportunities for ourselves doing more of what we're meant to do without needing a "job." As a result, many in the arts end up all chasing after the same shrinking pool of existing work at the expense of considering the new opportunities just waiting to be created. THE LUCRATIVE ARTIST is here to give artists the opportunity to do just that!

Everyone has a curtain that is just waiting to be opened up to reveal new income-generating opportunities simply by leveraging what we already know and can do. The more we can grow and learn about ourselves and overcome the imposter syndromes and limiting beliefs and words of others, the more curtains we can raise. The first movement of The Lucrative Artist, titled FIND WHAT EMPOWERS YOU is designed to help you find your way to those operational ropes and lay the foundation to your own personal empire of opportunity! 


  • Envision your "Dream Career" and how you could manifest it
  • Transform how you think about income from your talents and expertise
  • Form your own new empowering beliefs and let go of the limiting beliefs and artificial boundaries set by others
  • Leverage your strengths and delegate your weaknesses
  • Find your unique industry positioning for your offerings 
  • Discover your ideal niche(s) and the ideal people you're meant to serve
  • Have an exact method to develop a lucrative product or service
  • Formulate a miniature product or service to offer and get interest
  • Create a road map for going forward and getting your plan in motion

This movement of THE LUCRATIVE ARTIST is available as a customizable 90-Day 1:1 Program consisting of multiple monthly virtual sessions. This is open to anyone from anywhere via phone or internet conferencing. Apply Now!

Ready to revolutionize the way you think about earning money from your talents?

THE LUCRATIVE ARTIST, MVMT I: EMPOWERMENT FROM WITHIN will allow you over the course of the next 90 days to learn more about all you have to offer and realize how you can take your talents to new levels of earning! Applications are currently being accepted for a limited number of spots. 


The Lucrative Artist, Movement I: Find What Empowers You (pdf)


One Wholistic Journey, Four Empowering Movements (pdf)


“Real success is a matter of finding yourself and building upon what you find. Every person is born to be a star at something. The purpose of his or her life is to discover it and to spend his or her years building upon that plot of ground that was given to him or her to tell.”

- John Stewart Mill (1806-1873), 

British Philosopher and Economist



If you're ready to transform your career for the better and start earning more of what you desire and deserve, apply to The Lucrative Artist. If you want to invest at the top, the 1:1 Private VIP Program is tailored to meet your needs so you can achieve even more transformational growth. Click below to begin the conversation to see if it's a good match for you! 

“If you’re serious about changing your life, you’ll find a way. If you’re not, you’ll find an excuse.” - Jen Sincero



Feeling "stuck" in your career?

The Lucrative Artist is designed to give you new perspectives that can help get you to where you'll no longer feel the need to audition for everything, take jobs you don't really want, be subservient to what others want or expect, and/or do anything else keeping you from being the authentic artist you're truly meant to be. 

Got your degree, but don't know what to do next?

No matter the degree or level, this program can be your compass as you steadily transition into the next chapter of your professional life. Receive personalized instruction in a safe, open-minded environment where all your ideas will be welcomed in confidence, and you can discover the many ways in which your unique qualities and talents can make the world a better place.

Not sure about starting a business?

It's perfectly normal to want to have the chance to be your own boss yet find yourself not knowing at all what to do or fearful of actually doing it. You're not alone, and this program was created with the intention of helping people just like you overcome any fears as you're safely guided through every step for which you need help.

Worried about your financial future?

While in today's world almost no one remains in the same job for life, almost everyone can remain an entrepreneur for life. Learn how to position yourself to find success no matter how the world changes. You will ultimately become more comfortable with making more money as  you become empowered with a greater money mindset. You will also have access to financial literacy resources to ensure you are on your pathway to financial independence. 


Q: Do I have to go through all the movements and in order? 

A: Not necessarily. Some clients just need one or two. You're welcome to apply and begin the conversation to determine what is best for you. The whole program is designed to function as a progressive wholistic journey befitting what is common for many artists who are new to entrepreneurship, so each subsequent movement builds upon the success of the previous. While the first movement is generally a prerequisite for the second, it's possible to have customized standalone offerings of the third and/or fourth movement if it would benefit your current business or career situation. If so, you're welcome to apply and make note of that in your application.

Q: What if I'm not interested in a long-term commitment?

A: There are opportunities for à la carte sessions and VIP Days (multiple sessions back to back) to focus on your specific needs and goals. Please contact me to discuss further.. 

Q: What if I don't need all content in a certain movement?

A: In a 1:1 coaching program, there will be always be room for additional customization to suit the needs of the individual client. Sometimes learning more about what you think you already know can actually make for a deeper and more engaging experience, but it would also be possible to address other related topics or shift the focus from empowering yourself to how to empower others.

Q: I don't want anyone to know I am a client - can I be anonymous?

A: YES. Your privacy is paramount in the relationship. All of your information is confidential. 

Q: How do the session meetings work?

A: We will meet virtually via phone, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or perhaps another medium of mutual agreement. You will need access to the internet and/or a good phone connection. 

Q: Can we meet in person?

A: If we happen to both be in the same city at the same time, it's possible! But since we'll likely both have unique artistic and personal schedules to work around, it is generally best to plan on virtual meetings.

Q: How much of my time will this take?

A: Most sessions will range from 45-60 minutes, give or take a few depending on the results we are seeking. Aside from the regularly scheduled sessions, you will have much freedom to do the worksheets and assignments on your own time, and there would almost never be any pressure to have to immediately respond to anything.

Q: What if I can't make my sessions?

A: There is a fair cancellation and rescheduling policy in place just as you would have with most applied instructors or institutions.

Q: What is the cost and how do payments work?

A. Details of the specific investment amount are reserved for discussion later in the application process. Multiple options and payment plans will be available depending on your needs situation. The goal of the program is for you to be in a position to start making back your investment and then some as soon as possible. Payments are generally accepted via PayPal, Venmo and Zelle.

Q: Do I need to be having a specific kind of career or be at a certain level for this program?

A: No. Anyone whether they are an established professional, emerging professional, college student, graduate student, just starting out after college, retired, or else would be welcome. Each of us is a human with basic needs and wants, experiences, and an endless capacity for greater personal and professional growth. If you are interested in the program and in being in a supportive environment befitting the needs of your own unique development, you're more than welcome to apply and see if the program is a good potential match for you.


"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours." - Henry David Thoreau

Ready to advance confidently in the direction of YOUR dreams? 

Learn more about the other THREE movements

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.” Jim Rohn