Worry about earning enough money?

Fear being judged if you have too much financial success? 

Afraid to ask to get paid more, even when it is entirely fair or appropriate?

Does "financial planning" seem boring, confusing, distressing, condescending or suspect?



EnterING Your Virtuous Cycle of Abundance!


How would it feel to never have to ponder this question again? This false choice leads many to believe in the necessity of being a "starving artist," and so we often find ourselves only racing to the bottom and undercutting our ability to earn much of what we're truly worth. This vicious cycle diminishes the value of our work, and at least on a subconscious level, it can hold us back from really being the greatest artists we can be.

The process for getting comfortable with money, learning how to earn more of what you're worth, and getting yourself onto a legitimate pathway to financial independence is comparable to the process of learning and getting comfortable with almost any craft. Just as musicians will work to build up their stamina to play or sing more notes and for longer durations, you build up your financial health by working your way up the income ladder as you become more valuable in the market. Then like building up a repertory, you'll learn how to build up more income streams that are active and passive. As long as you stay disciplined in your habits and continue to grow your "personal empire" or "ecosystem" of income generators, you'll eventually find yourself earning exponentially more and feeling great about it!


The third movement of The Lucrative Artist, THE FINANCIALLY EMPOWERED ARTIST, is designed to help the artist within you overcome any fears of money, math, and more so you can confidently develop your Financial Literacy faculties and get on a legitimate realistic pathway to realizing more of your longterm financial goals.


  • Master your mindset and relationship with money.  
  • Identify your "money blocks" and get comfortable virtuously shattering your "money glass ceiling" deservedly so!
  • Know more about your Sacred Money Archetype® and be guided through additional modules to meet your objectives.
  • Discover additional income possibilities for your business and other endeavors.
  • Understand what "Financial Planning" really means for artists and achieve an enthusiastically serious mindset for it.
  • Learn how to make sure you're always putting your own best interests first and foremost when it comes to your money.
  • Become versed in helping others achieve a mindset of abundance and a more empowered relationship with money.

This movement of THE LUCRATIVE ARTIST is available as a 90-Day 1:1 Private VIP Program consisting of two-four virtual sessions per month, unlimited email support between sessions, emergency phone calls, and access to additional curated materials. This program is accessible to anyone from anywhere via phone or internet conferencing, subject to scheduling availability. 

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Ready to let go and start virtuously earning more of what you deserve?

THE LUCRATIVE ARTIST, MVMT III: THE FINANCIALLY EMPOWERED ARTIST is available as a three-month customized 1:1 Private VIP Program.  While intended to be taken in sequence with the other movements, a standalone version with additional customization is possible. Spaces are limited. Please click below to apply!


Ready to cash in those "Exposure Bucks"?

Get so comfortable in standing in the truth of your value that they either they really do pay your rent, groceries and more, or they offer a very respectable equivalent for the FULL VALUE of your service rendered! 


It may be small today...

Money does not grow on trees, but it can grow like trees. It's just a matter of sewing the seeds and maintaining the disciplines that give them a chance to grow.  If you have good habits when the amounts are small, you will be more comfortable carrying out the same disciplines and remain successful when the amounts are larger.


Should I buy gold? Or Bitcoin?

Billionaire and famous investor Warren Buffet would say no, saying that gold may hold value, but it doesn't create value (So he says he doesn't own any). Others argue differently. Same for Bitcoin and various stocks, bonds, etc. All investment vehicles have their applicable uses for different situations. You'll gain a basic foundation of financial knowledge so you know you're making the best decisions for YOU, and you'll become more comfortable in helping others learn to do likewise.



Through a unique combination of personal development, money mindset training and practical business and negotiation skill building, The Lucrative Artist Financial Empowerment Seminar is here to help artists of any level have a more empowered relationship with money. If you would like to host a seminar for the artists in your program, organization and institution, please click here to learn more! 



If you're ready to transform your career for the better and start earning more of what you desire and deserve, apply to The Lucrative Artist. If you want to invest at the top, the 1:1 Private VIP Program is tailored to meet your needs so you can achieve even more transformational growth. Click below to begin the conversation to see if it's a good match for you! 

Financial Strength From CERTIFIED SACRED MONEY ARCHETYPES® training

Are you ready to get rid of unconscious money barriers and start fresh on a path of creating freedom, independence and a healthy relationship with money?

When it comes to money, sooner or later there’s a wake-up call that happens for each of us. Why?

Because if money barriers like these have taken control of your life, it’s time to do something about it:

  • Being too busy or out of time to figure out how to take your income to a new level
  • Feeling as if there is an invisible glass money ceiling keeping you from achieving success
  • Avoiding looking at your bank account or ‘dealing with money’
  • Making only “just enough” to get by, no matter how successfully your career or your business is going
  • Feeling resentment about wealthy people, believing their focus on money is unhealthy
  • Undercharging in your business but you can’t see how you could charge more
  • Fearing you’ll have to work harder to make more, which keeps you stuck where you are
  • Often being tapped by family or friends when they need money (and feeling guilty if you can’t always help them out)
  • Yearning to make more money but afraid it might change who you are 
  • Stressed out by the endless squabbles you and your spouse/partner have about money
  • Holding back from investing in ways to help your business or career flourish
  • Being secretive about money as a way of feeling safe and in control

Did you know that you CAN get rid of your unconscious money barriers and help you press Control+Alt+Delete to start a fresh money story, starting today? Here’s how …

Within you is a unique “money code” called your Sacred Money Archetypes®. Once you discover what YOUR money archetypes are, it will feel as if all the puzzle pieces of your life easily fall into place:

  • You understand what makes you tick when it comes to money (freeing you from negative self–judgment)
  • You discover what your three core money strengths are (and how to use them to make more money in your business or career)
  • You’re free to make decisions from a place of empowerment, not fear (the freeing quality of relief that you’ll feel will immediately open new opportunities for you)
  • You no longer fall prey to unconscious sabotaging behavior (it’s a blessing to be in control of your life in this way, authentically and easily)
  • You know what to do and what to say when someone you care about is “pushing your money boundaries” 
  • You feel confident and ready to make new decisions about your business (or career) that will take your income to a new level 
  • Those stressful squabbles with your loved ones about money? Gone, because now you have the understanding and tools to come from your highest, best self


Here’s a sampling of the Different modules you could be TRAINED through...


Module #1  "Crack Your Money Code”·

  • Discover your unique Sacred Money Archetypes® and the special significance these have for you in your life and business/career
  • Hear what has been holding you back in key areas: relationships, business or career, self-esteem, income and more
  • Learn exactly which areas of your life are best for you to begin focusing on making a change in right now, so you see immediate results

Module #2 “Create Your Conscious Money Compass”·

  • Get the most effective way to break through and eliminate old negative feelings (this exercise is truly profound and will touch you to your core)
  • Create a crystal clear “compass” that serves as your guide in making new decisions as you go forward in your life and business or career
  • Begin using key elements of your Sacred Money Archetypes® to transform fear and doubt into aligned, authentic confidence, trusting yourself when making new money choices

Module #3 “Discover Your Money Voice”·

  • Pinpoint exactly where the money leaks, drains or blind spots are in your business or career that are silently robbing you of self-worth…and what to do to seal these leaks now, before any more time flies by
  • Get a simple formula for discussing money in life's most important situations -- such as with a spouse, friends or family – including exactly how to eliminate money-awkwardness and replace it with courage and confidence
  • Discover the secret behind creating money boundaries that increase cash flow (and give you a healthy increase in self-respect in the process)

Module #4 “Press Reset: Create a Powerful Money Story Makeover”·

  • Get a complete ‘money story makeover’ (template included) that will support you today, tomorrow and beyond to make more money, set respectful boundaries and up-level your life
  • Eliminate lingering negative self-talk plus any resistance to money so you are free to make more without apology 

Module #5 “Shatter Your Glass Money Ceiling”

  • Learn what the 4 most dangerous money mindsets are and which one has been secretly driving you to over-work, under-earn or under-charge
  • Create a simple action plan with steps you can take today, designed to open the door and allow new opportunities to flow into your business or career
  • Discover the 5-minute daily tool that will shatter the glass money ceiling you’ve been putting up with for too long (perfect if you’re an entrepreneur)

Module #6 “Create a Brighter Future”

  • Discover the #1 all-important way to free yourself from unconsciously living from the “shadow side” of your Sacred Money Archetypes®
  • Create an extraordinary soul-inspired life plan (template included) that will immediately help you break free of “shoulds” and outline exactly the specifics of how you can live a life of freedom, on your terms



Are you looking to take your career or business to a new level?

Whether you are a teacher, entrepreneur or corporate leader, The Lucrative Artist is designed to give you the tools you need to grow within your work and beyond and empower others to do likewise. Through letting go of limiting beliefs and discovering through your authentic being, you will gain a better understanding of what really drives you and how you can better serve others through your leadership.

Got your degree(s) or promotion, but not sure what comes next?

No matter the degree, job or level, this program can be your compass as you continue to work on yourself towards a more prosperous future. Receive personalized instruction in a safe, open-minded environment where all your ideas will be welcomed in confidence, and you can discover the many ways in which your unique qualities and talents make you the leader the world needs. 

Afraid of becoming too financially successful?

The words and beliefs of others can keep us from achieving all that we are meant to achieve. As you learn to realize the greater value you are bringing to the world, you will become more comfortable earning more of what you deserve to earn. You will also become empowered with a greater money mindset and access to the financial literacy resources to be sure you are on your own legitimate pathway to financial independence. 


Q: Do I have to go through all the movements and in order? 

A: The program is designed to function as a progressive wholistic journey in which each subsequent movement builds upon the success of the previous. While the first movement is a pretty firm prerequisite for the second, it's possible to have a customized standalone offering of the third and/or fourth movement if it would benefit your current business or career situation. If so, you're welcome to apply and make note of that in your application.

Q: What if I don't need all content in a certain movement?

A: In a 1:1 coaching program, there will be always be room for additional customization to suit the needs of the individual client. However, sometimes learning more about what you think you already know can actually make for a deeper and more engaging experience. It would also be possible to address other related topics or shift the focus from empowering yourself to empowering others.

Q: I don't want anyone to know I am a client - can I be anonymous?

A: YES. Your privacy is paramount in the relationship. All of your information is confidential. 

Q: How do the session meetings work?

A: We will meet virtually via phone, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or perhaps another medium of mutual agreement. You will need access to the internet and/or a good phone connection. 

Q: Can we meet in person?

A: If we happen to both be in the same city at the same time, it's possible! But since we'll likely both have unique artistic and personal schedules to work around, it is generally best to plan on virtual meetings.

Q: How much of my time will this take?

A: Most sessions will range from 45-60 minutes, give or take a few depending on the results we are seeking. Aside from the regularly scheduled sessions, you will have much freedom to do the worksheets and assignments on your own time, and there would almost never be any pressure to have to immediately respond to anything.

Q: What if I can't make my sessions?

A: There is a fair cancellation and rescheduling policy in place just as you would have with most applied instructors or institutions.

Q: What is the cost and how do payments work?

A. Details of the specific investment amount are reserved for discussion later in the application process. Multiple options and payment plans will be available depending on your situation. The goal of the program is for you to start making back your investment and then some as soon as possible. Payments are generally accepted via PayPal, Venmo and Zelle.

Q: Do I need to be having a specific kind of career or be at a certain level for this program?

A: No. Anyone whether they are an established professional, emerging professional, college student, graduate student, just starting out after college, retired, or else would be welcome. Each of us is a human with basic needs and wants, experiences, and an endless capacity for greater personal and professional growth. If you are interested in the program and in being in a supportive environment befitting the needs of your own unique development, you're more than welcome to apply and see if the program is a good potential match for you.



If you're ready to transform your career for the better and start earning more of what you desire and deserve, apply to The Lucrative Artist. If you want to invest at the top, the 1:1 Private VIP Program is tailored to meet your needs so you can achieve even more transformational growth. Click below to begin the conversation to see if it's a good match for you!