When you're considering a service you haven't had before, any investment amount will likely seem too high. This is why my own business coach warned me to try and not list the actual prices!  But if you're willing to make a serious investment in yourself and put in some serious work, you'll find yourself in an empowered position to make it back and more!  

Just like with any other service or educational opportunity that usually comes in a package deal, à la carte offerings have to come at a premium price. It's not just about paying for the scheduled time itself; it's also about what goes into the creation of a customized offering. This means extra time and preparation solely devoted to you and your needs, there may be a curation of additional materials, and time will be made for adequate follow-up communication. 

Finally, I cannot emphasize enough that this is a business I take very seriously, and I can only afford to work with others who are serious about achieving transformative results for the betterment of their lives and work. I truly appreciate your understanding in this, and if you are interested, I will greatly look forward to working with you!

If you'd like to discuss more before booking, please do not hesitate to contact me!