New Group Coaching COURSE

Become A Lucrative Artist With Others!

For the Summer of 2019, The Lucrative Artist - Phase One: Finding Your Empowerment is  being offered in a group coaching format. From June 1 through August 31, spend 90 days growing together with friends and colleagues and/or form new relationships with fellow artists of many stripes from near or afar. Reserve your spot now!

Group Coachings will include:

  • Bi-weekly teleconference sessions to present content + Q&A time. 
  • Worksheets to accompany your content sessions
  • Additional self-study exercises
  • Online support in a Private Facebook Group
  • Additional live sessions in the Private Facebook Group to answer any questions!


   FIRST MONTH: Purpose, Beliefs, Skills and Strengths

       Week 1-2. Purpose, Goals & Beliefs 

       Week 3-4. Self Inventory: Assessing Skills, Experiences, Strengths & Weaknesses. 

   SECOND MONTH: Finding your Niche(s) and Reimagining your Career

       Week 5-6. New “Dream Career” Possibilities

       Week 7-8. Brainstorming Business Ideas and Ideal Clients or Customers

   THIRD MONTH: Taking Action Toward Success

       Week 9-10: Finalizing Decisions and Systematizing Ideas

       Week 11-12: Planning Massive Action and New Goals for New Successes!



“It doesn't matter where you come from. It only matters where you are and where you want to go.”  - Dean Graziosi

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this for me?

A: If you are feeling "stuck" professionally, wish to take a seemingly aging career into a new direction, not sure what to do after college, wish to formulate new earning opportunities to supplement your income, or just wish to keep on learning, The Lucrative Artist Group Coaching program will allow you the opportunity to discover many new unique possibilities that can lead you to having a more fulfilling and lucrative career. You'll also get the benefit of joining an amazing group of fellow entrepreneurial artists who will help you as well! 

Q: How do the online sessions work?

A: We will meet virtually as a group via a teleconference application. You will need access to the internet and/or a good phone connection.

Q: How much of my time will this take?

A: As much or as little as you would like or are able. While we would hope to give you the accountability and/or support you need, in no way is it intended to feel like a job! Aside from the regularly scheduled sessions, you will have much freedom to do the worksheets and assignments on your own time, and there is no pressure to have to immediately respond to anything. 

Q: What if I can't make the biweekly sessions?

A: Not to worry! All sessions will be recorded and everyone in the group will have access to them. You can ask additional questions in the Facebook group once you have heard the recording.

Q: I don't want anyone to know I'm in the group - can I be anonymous?

A: You should strive to be yourself and not worry about anyone else. But if this is an issue for you, we can discuss this before enrolling.

Q: How do the payments work?

A. If you choose to not pay in full, you will have to pay the non-refundable deposit, and your remaining payments will be due 30 and 60 days into your program, or the first of each subsequent month. 

Q: I would rather work 1:1 than in a group or I want to work 1:1 as well. Is this possible?

A: Yes. Please note that 1:1 programs are a much higher investment and have different components. If this is of interest to you, you can apply below, or you can contact me and we can explore what would be the best fit for you. 

Q: Do I need to be in a certain career field or at a certain level for this program?

A: No. Anyone who is an established professional, emerging professionals, college student, graduate student,  just starting out, retired, or else would be welcome in this group.  We all have the same human experiences. If you are interested in the program  and in being in a supportive environment for growth, this program is a good potential match for you.

Q: Can I enroll now and then change my mind later?

A: It is a live training, so once the coaching program begins, there are no refunds as enrollment will be closed. Your enrollment payment also holds your place in the program, which means you've taken a space from another potential group member. If you decide to withdraw, your initial payment is non-refundable and any subsequent payments will be canceled. 


 "If you can dream it, then you can achieve it." 

"You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want."

- Zig Ziglar


Enroll before May 25, 2019 for 25% off!

June 1 - August 31, 2019 Session


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


If you are ready to invest at the very top with a high-end individualized experience instead of or to go along with your group experience, apply to the 1:1 VIP Program for one or all phases of The Lucrative Artist. The Lucrative Artist 1:1 VIP Program is tailored to meet your needs so you can achieve even greater transformational growth on your terms at your pace. Click below to begin the conversation to see if it is a good match for you! 


“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.” Jim Rohn