But is the engagement actually paying enough? 

Is the "pay-to-play" costing too much?

Are you afraid to ask for more?

Not sure you deserve it?

Don't have an agent?

Well, what if you could learn how to just be your own agent?

Get ready to for the new course by The Lucrative Artist:

Negotiate with confidence!

Whether it's the actual money or the actual experience, literally everything can be negotiable!

Coming up late in October 2019, the NEGOTIATE WITH CONFIDENCE online course will feature ten training modules to give you the tools you need to be more of your own agent so the emotional high of getting an opportunity you want doesn't keep you from earning more of what you deserve!! 

Preenrollment is here and you can reserve your spot for JUST $19! (Instead of $59! And get some bonuses while you wait!)

What you'll learn in the "NEGOTIATE WITH CONFIDENCE" course


More of the magic words

From more of the right questions to ask and the right industry parlance, learn how to get them to take seriously what you need to receive and what you have to offer!


Knock it out of the park

Learn strategies and tactics to give yourself opportunities to facilitate the best value propositions possible where all sides can win!


Know when to walk away

Know when it's time to walk away from a raw deal because they are not giving you enough of what you deserve! (And sometimes they are not giving themselves what they deserve either!)

What this course will get you ready for

  • The right questions to ask.🤔
  • How to manage the overwhelm of getting hired/cast.😅
  • How to leverage your strengths.💪
  • Get better flexibility from your “day job.” 🤓
  • When and when not to “barter”🐔
  • When to walk away. 🦶
  • When you’re really just negotiating with yourself!😳
  • And more!!!😇🤓🤑😃

Also...not going to have time in October? That's just when the course will be launching; once it's fully available, you can take the course when you’re ready at your own pace! So take advantage of the pre-enroll sale now for the best deal, and wait til the holidays! Learning is often best done on YOUR schedule!  😉

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There's always more money to be found behind the curtain!


Seriously! We're not always dealing with a scrooge on the other side. If you're worth it, they will want to find a way, and if they're worth it, you'll want to help them find the way! To quote the song "Love is in the Air," it's possible to sing "Money is in the Air" if all sides truly want an agreement. This course will help you to do just that and more. Getting paid more isn't about taking more, it's about creating win-win scenarios for all! So pre-enroll now and start envisioning YOUR own win-win scenarios for your career! 

“People are not paid what they are worth. They are paid what they have the power to negotiate.” - Nick Hanauer

“No matter who you are, no matter what you do, no matter who your audience is: 30 percent will love it, 30 percent will hate it, and 30 percent won’t care. Stick with the people who love you and don’t spend a single second on the rest. Life will be better that way.” ― James Altucher, Choose Yourself



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