The FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT SEMINAR by The Lucrative Artist is designed to give artists and their supporters and stakeholders the basic tools to have a more empowering relationship with money and learn the many possible ways they can be compensated to better reflect their true value. It is also designed to demonstrate the many opportunities to create greater value opportunities to the benefit of all sides. Through a unique combination of money mindset training, practical business skill building and personal development, seminar participants will learn together how to start cashing in those "exposure bucks" once and for all! 

Participants in this seminar will:  

  • Innovate new ways to earn from all they have to offer.
  • Strategize for overcoming personal money blocks.
  • Share ideas on how to defray costs that otherwise defray pay. 
  • Discover new ways to make opportunities pay for themselves.
  • Craft a strategic negotiation script they can feel good about.
  • Become OK with saying NO!
  • Learn to earn without apology (No more guilt tripping or frugality flaunting stopping you from standing in the truth of your value!).
  • Know the basics of financial planning and financial literacy.
  • Start envisioning a life of continuously multiplying income.
  • Envision new possibilities to become even more valuable
  • And more...

The FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT SEMINAR by The Lucrative Artist will be available to be hosted in half- full-or multi-day formats and can be customized to meet the needs and goals of your school, program or organization. Please contact below for more information.


Ready to cash in those "Exposure Bucks"?

Learn how to negotiate so that if they're not paying enough, either they really do pay at least your rent and groceries or they offer a respectable equivalent for the FULL VALUE of your service rendered! 


It may be small today...

Money does not grow on trees, but it can grow like trees. It's just a matter of sewing the seeds and giving them a chance to grow.  If you have healthy financial skills and habits when the amounts are small, you be more comfortable carrying out the same disciplines and remain successful when the amounts are larger.


Find your next step(s)

Jim Rohn used to always say "work hard on your job and you'll make a living, work hard on yourself and you'll make a fortune." A seminar themed on empowerment would not be complete without an opportunity for some leadership growth and development.


Please fill out your information to get updates. If you are interested in hosting, please include a summary of the anticipated event details. Thank you!

"When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears." - Tony Robbins


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