YOUR PRIVATE seminar for your UNIQUE Professional GOALS

Wish you could have a personalized seminar tailored to your specific needs?

A "V.I.P. Day" is a special extended à la carte offering where you can have your own personalized virtual seminar designed around your specific business, leadership and/or personal or professional development objectives. This is a great option if a longterm program isn't for you at this time but you still need help in specific areas. It can also be a great initial opportunity if you're not yet sure about making a long-term coaching commitment.

Whether you need help with your goals, figuring out your purpose, charging higher fees, restructuring your services, overcoming your money blocks, brainstorming new business ideas, finding more authenticity, confronting your marketing fears, or anything else related to your business or career, a V.I.P. Day could be just what you need to make that next breakthrough! 

In addition to a single 60-minute à la carte session, you can book back-to-back sets of 

  • Two 60-minute sessions ("1/2 Day")
  • Three 60-minute sessions ("3/4 Day")
  • Four 60-minute sessions ("Full Day"). 

These sessions are meant to be intense and laser-focused on the results you desire; between sessions, there will be 15- or 20-minute breaks so you can have a chance to finish your notes, reflect, and get recharged and ready for the next! Bookings generally require a few days notice to ensure optimal preparation


(And if you're interested in a long-term coaching opportunity afterward, the total investment will be minus the cost of the VIP Day, and there will be an opportunity for extra savings and other bonuses!) 


Why a "VIP DAY"?


Just need some extra help piecing it all together?

Do you feel like there's just one or two pieces missing from your business, career or life, or that you just need to figure out how to make things fit together? Whether it is assessing your goals or figuring out the next steps you need to take, a VIP Day will offer you an environment open to everything and closed to nothing as you contemplate what you need to do.


Need help getting that lightbulb to go off?

Sometimes it just takes one coaching session to talk out the ideas we've been pondering, organize our thoughts, and figure out what can truly separate us from the pack. Learn how you can shine the way you're meant to shine and become so bright that you can easily show others the way!


Tired of feeling like you're going it alone?

Whatever specific business, financial, artistic or personal matter is at stake, you don't have to go it alone. Whether it's digesting the business jargon, getting a second opinion or finding the right mindset to make a decision, a VIP Day can help you confidently move forward in your endeavors.

Examples of Possible Topics for your VIP Day SessionS

Want to crack your "money code"?

Need other kinds of business help?

Want to crack your "money code"?


Ready to get a better understanding of your own unique relationship with money? A Sacred Money Archetypes® reading and work through certain modules could be part of your VIP Day! Click here to learn more!

Ready to start earning more?

Need other kinds of business help?

Want to crack your "money code"?


Worried about charging more of what you're worth? Need help charting a plan to better price your services and communicate the value you're already offering? A VIP Day can help you figure out how to deservedly start commanding more! 

Need other kinds of business help?

Need other kinds of business help?

Need other kinds of business help?


Need help with ideas, marketing, branding, sales, or other matters? Want to figure out new ways to package your services to increase your revenue?  

Just need a second opinion?

Have you set the right goals?

Need other kinds of business help?


Get a second opinion or feedback on any personal, professional or business decisions you are considering, all in confidence. 

Need to escape from a job?

Have you set the right goals?

Have you set the right goals?


Would you like to strategize on how you can position yourself to ultimately not need that job you're not meant for or that you've grown out of? We can discuss career alternatives, as well as start brainstorming new business ideas out of all you have to offer!

Have you set the right goals?

Have you set the right goals?

Have you set the right goals?


Are you reaching your goals? Do you even know if you have set the right goals for you, or are you finding yourself just following someone else's goals?  This would be an opportunity to get a fresh perspective and ensure your life and career is on purpose!

All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination." – Earl Nightingale

Ready for us to press on to YOUR destination together?