Business and Leadership Development for Artists

personal and professional empowerment for artists

Would you like to make more of your career dreams a reality?

THE LUCRATIVE ARTIST is a business and leadership development program to help artists and creatives with these questions and more as they realize more of the careers and lives they desire and deserve to have. No more "imposter syndrome," no more "money blocks," no more fear of letting yourself be all you are meant to be! No matter where you are in life, The Lucrative Artist is here to help you develop more of the essential business and leadership skills as well as personal development skills that we're often not taught enough of in school!

Designed as a sequence of four empowering 90-day "movements," like a symphony, The Lucrative Artist program provides artists a wholistic progression of personal and professional growth. You'll have a chance to figure out what your own unique authentic business should be, get it into motion, get comfortable earning more, and then have the chance to grow as the leader you truly are! 


one wholistic journey, four EMPOWERING movementS



Ready to figure it all out as far as what you're meant to do?  

Find what's really hiding behind the curtain of limiting beliefs set by others, discover your most unique positioning according to your own authenticity, and formulate ideas to start making money off of all you are really meant to offer the world.



Ready to get things into motion?

Enhance your entrepreneurial and marketing skills as you realize your brand brilliance and get comfortable putting your new business ideas into action and discover the many ways you can get your business off and running.



Ready to change your relationship with money? You'll gain the vital financial literacy and money mindset mastery skills necessary to further grow your business, discover new income stream possibilities, and start envisioning your pathway to financial independence. 



Ready to further improve yourself? You'll gain the skills to lead, empower and inspire others as you grow your star power and position yourself to become even more valuable to the world. 

What's IN your "Scratch to Stardom" RECIPE?

What if you could just start over? Or at least take a break from everyone else's expectations?

What if you could totally let go of worrying about what others expect you to do with your life and career? Or what YOU became conditioned to expect? Would you like to instead focus on what YOU really want to do, how YOU are uniquely positioned to do it, and how YOU can become the star you want to be from it? 

Whether you are fresh out of college or graduate school, if you're later in your career looking to make a shift in a more authentic direction, or if you just feel like you need to totally "start from scratch," this coaching program is here to help you start to design and carry out your own unique "scratch to stardom" journey in which you will start laying the foundation to the manifestation of your very own personal empire out of all you have and wish to offer the world! Does that sound too lofty? It's only because we often find ourselves unconsciously indoctrinated to simply believing we can't achieve great things! Rather than compete for the existing opportunities, all we have to do to find success is create new opportunities for ourselves! 

Have you really thought about all of the possible options for your artistic life and work from which you could build upon? Individual establishment opportunities may come and go, but the possibilities for anyone to form new opportunities and build upon them are infinite. The late Earl Nightingale once said, "There is hidden in your daily work more opportunity than you could develop in a lifetime, if you will look for it." 

The Lucrative Artist program is designed to help you start doing just that.  With the first movement, Find What Empowers YOU, you'll start navigating through the endless realm of what's possible so you can embark on creating more of these new opportunities for yourself!  




Isn't "LUCRATIVE" such a "LOADED" word?

It sure is loaded. At least as much as a loaded baked potato, but instead of arguably unhealthy ingredients, the word "lucrative" comes fully loaded with a sense of ABUNDANCE! We in the arts often find ourselves conditioned to not believe abundance is possible. The definition is pretty simple, and if the business and financial world can use the word all the time, so should artists. The arts are actually among the most under appreciated pillars of our global economy, and they're among the greatest resources for innovation! So no more "starving" for the sake of our art; we can actually be healthier and happier and be even better artists if we allow ourselves to be prosperous! Artists deserve a lucrative living!



1375–1425; late Middle English lucratif (< Middle French) < Latin lucrātīvus gainful, equivalent to lucrāt(us) (past participle of lucrārī to make a profit, gain by economy; see lucre) + -īvus -ive


lu·cra·tive·ly, adverb

lu·cra·tive·ness, noun

non·lu·cra·tive, adjective

non·lu·cra·tive·ly, adverb

non·lu·cra·tive·ness, noun

un·lu·cra·tive, adjective




Hello, welcome, and thank you for being here! 

I've been a singer all my life in many genres and in many places, and I've been teaching voice and related subjects to all kinds of learners. While we need teachers and coaches to stay on top of our crafts, we also need business coaches to help us be the entrepreneurs we need to be with our artistic offerings and our related expertise, and that's what I'm here for. I'm in the business of helping fellow artists figure out and carry out what they are most meant to do in the service of their craft and in the service of others.

Feel free to click below to learn more about me, and if you have any questions about the program, please don't hesitate to contact me!


If you are ready to invest at the very top with a high-end individualized experience, consider applying to the 1:1 Private VIP Program for one or all movements of The Lucrative Artist. The Lucrative Artist 1:1 VIP Program is tailored to meet your needs so you can achieve even greater transformational growth on your terms at your pace. Click below to begin the conversation to see if it is a good match for you! 


When you’re really down and out and you’re at the very bottom, all you can do is look up.'' ― Dean Graziosi